I Now Work for ADP

I couldn't blog about this until today, but as of yesterday I officially work for ADP. The company I work for VirtualEdge was bought by ADP, so I've gone from working for a company of about 100 employees to a Fourtune 500 company of with over 40,000 employess. Things should be interesting over the coming weeks and months!

CL Ericsson's Gravatar what is the ADP culture like ? What part of the country are you in? Will there be significant changes as a result of this acquisition?
# Posted By CL Ericsson | 10/30/06 11:44 AM
gabe's Gravatar Hey Nathan,

How long did it take for ADP VE to get back to you with an official offer?
# Posted By gabe | 1/31/08 9:38 PM
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