Dr. UI or: How I Learned to Stop Complaining and Love TWC

So maybe it's because I've been doing a lot of UI work lately, or maybe it is because Jeff Peters and Hal Helms have been talking about user interfaces on their podcast, but for whatever reason I've been taking greater notice of interfaces over the past few weeks. It really interesting just how bad some interfaces can be, and how sometimes, just one feature can really make or break a user experience. Case in point my cable box. Here in Philadelphia I have Comcast. When I first moved into my new house a few months ago and called to set up my service I was really surprised that human answered the phone within about 10 seconds of dialing. I'm most familiar with Time Warner Cable in New York where you usually had to try to talk to a machine for 5 minutes before getting fed up and pressing 0 or screaming "Operator!," only to be put on hold for another 30 minutes before you could finally talk to someone. And once you did get a human on the line they usually sounded like they were doing you the biggest favor in the world by talking to you. So anyway, at this point I though Comcast really had it together. However once I finally got my HD/DVR digital cable box (made by Motorola) and started using it, well that is where the love affair ended. I've actually had to call customer service three times in a little less than three months due to the horrible interface this box has.


Phil Duba's Gravatar Nathan, you should have told us at work, we could have given you a Comcast beginners book. Seriously though, I think it's the Motorolla's. A friend of mine has one and hates it. I've had nothing by Scientifics and they've been great.
# Posted By Phil Duba | 10/26/06 10:26 PM
Mateo's Gravatar This was too funny. I have had those same problems myself.. It took me forever to realize that the "Last" button went up one level. And I have had the mute problem twice, I just unplug the box and wait 60 seconds and it seems to reset the mute freeze.. That says a lot about their feelings on usability testing if everyone is having the same issues and they have yet to do anything about it..
# Posted By Mateo | 10/27/06 9:24 AM
Nathan's Gravatar Well, it is great to hear I'm not alone!
# Posted By Nathan | 10/27/06 9:49 AM
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