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For the past month or so I've been running a small intranet site on FarCry. I've been using this site for project notes, basically just posting my ideas and discoveries as standard FarCry news items for my co-workers to review. I plan to expand the site to contain documentation and other content related to the project I'm working on, but for now it's fairly basic.

So the news items are working well to add transparency to my development process, but I really want to get some feedback from my co-workers on some of my ideas. To do this I wanted to allow comments to be added to news items. Sound like a blog? Well it did to me, so I decided to create some basic blog content objects for FarCry.

Note that I built these objects using the 3.0.2 RC of FarCry with the mollio skin. I haven't done much testing so use at your own risk! That said, to install the blog:

  1. Download the farcry_mollio_blog.zip and unzip it to your project directory.
  2. Reload your FarCry application by browsing to your FarCry site and adding updateapp=1 to the url parameters
  3. Login to the FarCry administrator and deploy the four new objects: nmBlogEntry, nmBlogComment, ruleBlogEntries, and ruleBlogComments.
  4. Add a page to your FarCry site for the blog.
  5. Add your first blog entry under Content -> Blog.
  6. Add the nmBlogEntries rule to the bottom container on the blog page.
  7. View the blog entry and add the nmBlogComments rule to the blogBottom container.

There is still a lot of work I want to do with these objects. For example there is no way to manage comments. In fact there is absolutely no way to know comments have been added without looking at the blog entry. I'd also like to add a calendar view and a category listing. It all depends on how much time I have and how much interest people show in these objects.

If you do decide to give these components a try please let me know how it goes.

Martin Orth's Gravatar Well done, but the download link is not working.
# Posted By Martin Orth | 9/21/06 8:08 AM
Nathan's Gravatar Thanks Martin, I think I have the download link fixed.
# Posted By Nathan | 9/21/06 9:14 AM
Martin's Gravatar I gave it a try and it works, also with my 3.01 Version but I miss the addComment.cfm file.
# Posted By Martin | 9/21/06 11:13 AM
Nathan's Gravatar Hi Martin, I'm not sure what you mean by "I miss the addComment.cfm file." Are you saying that the addComment.cfm file doesn't work in 3.0.1? Thanks for the feedback!
# Posted By Nathan | 9/21/06 4:09 PM
Martin Orth's Gravatar I found the file. I had forgotten to copy it to my www folder. But if anybody try the blog to get work with mysql the sql function isnull() inside addcomment.cfm has to be changed to ifnull().
# Posted By Martin Orth | 9/21/06 5:03 PM
Nathan's Gravatar Thanks Martin. I guess I should have noted in the post that I only tested with MS SQL Server 2000. I'll have to look into adding additional database support.
# Posted By Nathan | 9/21/06 7:12 PM
Pete's Gravatar Nathan,

I stumbled on your blog for FarCry post while looking for a blog solution to 'plug into' the CMS. Since your code was written for a much earlier version (I am using the new v5.02) I had to do make lot of path changes (still better than trying to write myself) to get this far. I did run into one problem I was hoping you could assist with. After I got the Types deployed, I received the following error: 'Element PATH.PLPSTORAGE is undefined in APPLICATION' when I selected to add a blog item from the content menu.

Can you give me any advice as to where that is trying to point?

Thanks and I appreciate your help.

Pete Kucera
# Posted By Pete | 10/15/08 10:17 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar PLPs were a way to make wizard like form sequences, however I think that beast has been replaced by FormTools. I _think_ you can probably get rid of all references to PLPs and be fine. (Disclaimer: I haven't looked at FarCry 5 yet so I could be worng. You may want to ask on the farcry dev list.)
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 10/16/08 9:26 AM
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