Adding CFAkismet to BlogCFC

Adding CFAkismet to BlogCFC

The other day I posted about some mods I made to BlogCFC. A few people have asked me to share the code so I thought I'd walk through the changes in a couple of blog posts. For this post I'm going to show how I added Brandon Harper's CFAkismet to my BlogCFC installation.

This post is going to assume you are making the changes to the default download of BlogCFC 5.9.

Note: To make applying this mod a little easier I've posted a .zip with diffs of all the files I modified. (Click the download link at the bottom of the post to get files.)


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Scott P's Gravatar cool - thanks
# Posted By Scott P | 10/18/07 7:14 PM
James Marshall's Gravatar I'd just like to thank you for posting this! Yesterday I migrated my blog from WordPress to BlogCFC and one of my concerns was spam (which I never had a problem with in WP using Akismet).

The instructions worked for me, but it wasn't until I got to the end of the post that I realised you had posted a ZIP, so I did the changes manually!
# Posted By James Marshall | 10/19/07 6:10 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @James - I'm glad the instructions worked for you. I've edited the post to mention the download before I dive into the mods.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 10/19/07 8:50 AM
Mike Henke's Gravatar Thanks. You inspired me to ask for help with getting CFAkismet into Machblog in Machii's user group. And it was answered
# Posted By Mike Henke | 10/19/07 11:38 AM
Greg Nilsen's Gravatar Wow...nice work, and thanks for helping us figure this out!
# Posted By Greg Nilsen | 11/5/07 1:04 AM
Sebastiaan's Gravatar Hi,

how about using CFFormProtect instead, which incorporates CFAkismet?

Then people don't need ot fill in those silly CAPTCHA's ;-)
# Posted By Sebastiaan | 10/23/08 5:35 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Sebastiaan - If someone publishes detailed instructions on how to integrate CFFormProtect into BlogCFC such that I can easily report spam back to Akismet I'll consider it ;)
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 10/23/08 3:20 PM
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