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Comment spam sucks. I have had captcha enabled for a while now to try to prevent it, but I've started getting anywhere from five to ten spam comments a week. I had been running version 5.5 of BlogCFC which doesn't have the comment moderation feature, so in an attempt to ward off this scourge I updated my BlogCFC installation. Now, I don't really want to enable comment moderation so I decided to integrate Brandon Harper's CFAkismet component. It turned out to be a pretty straight forward mod and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. Any comment that the Akismet service labels as spam now gets sent to my Moderate Comments queue. At this point if I approve the comment it gets sent to the Akismet service as ham.

I also added the ability to report comments as spam from the Comments page. Clicking on the "Report Spam" link will report the comment as spam to the Akismet service and delete the comment from my database.

I made the mod so that Akismet can be enabled via the blog admin's settings page. All I need to do is set Use Akismet to yes and enter an Akismet key which I got by by signing up for a account.

As I said, I'm pretty happy with the results so far. The mod has been up for a little more than a day now and already correctly caught three spam comments. It did let one through, but three out of four isn't too bad.

I also added one additional mod to BlogCFC, something I call simple security. This allows you to enter a password (or list of passwords) on the blog's settings page which will then make the blog client password protected. I did this because my wife and I use an instance of BlogCFC to post pictures and news about our daughter to share with our family and we wanted to keep it somewhat private.

And since I was already doing all this work on my blog I decided to take the opportunity to update my design. I liked the dark design, but got a few complaints about readability and printing so I decided to switch it up. Let me know what you think...

And thanks to Ray Camden and Brandon Harper for all the awesome software!

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Scott P's Gravatar Care to share your code changes?
# Posted By Scott P | 10/8/07 12:09 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Scott - Yes. I'm planning to put something together in the next couple of days.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 10/8/07 12:33 PM
Brandon Harper's Gravatar Nathan,

You're welcome, glad you found it useful. I'm still pretty surprised how low the adoption of Akismet has been by ColdFusion bloggers. I use WordPress which has it built-in and it's simply been a huge time saver for me.

- Brandon
# Posted By Brandon Harper | 10/9/07 6:11 AM
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