CF Debug Copy for Firefox 3

I've just updated my CF Debug Copy for Firefox extension to work with the Firefox 3 Beta. To install just click the link below.

Install CF Debug Copy for FireFox

I've labeled this version 1.1b1. Once Firefox 3 is released I'll remove the 'b1'. I also added the source to RIAForge SVN if anyone is interested.

(Note: Although I haven't tested on Firefox 1.5, this version of the extension should work with any Firefox version between 1.5 and 3.)

IE Watch

Tonight I was looking for a tool which would allow me to do real time editing of CSS in IE. (Think Firebug for IE.) I've blogged about the IE Developer Toolbar in the past, but to my knowledge it doesn't allow you to modify HTML or CSS like Firebug. Anyway, a quick Google search lead me to IE Watch. At $169 the tool isn't cheap, but if you are in an IE only shop then the tool is probably well worth the price.

For a list of other web developer tools for IE check out From Microsoft TechEd 2007: Web Development Tools for Internet Explorer on the IE Blog.

You Know What They Say About The Man Who Wears Two Watches...

... He never knows the correct time. I just heard this saying for the first time earlier this week, and today it definitely rang true for me.


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