Getting Spry's Auto Suggest Widget to Hover in IE

Yesterday Dan Vega posted an entry about an issue he was seeing with Spry Auto Suggest widget in IE 6. Well it turns out I was investigating the Spry Auto Suggest widget just last week because I needed the cause of this bug. Let me explain.


Why Doesn't ColdFusion Have a Virtual Appliance?

My company is in the process of putting in a pretty large virtual environment and this got me thinking, why doesn't ColdFusion have a virtual appliance? I remembered Jim Priest had a blog post asking pretty much this same question earlier this year. ColdFusion 7 did not officially support virtualization so I didn't really expect to see Adobe come out with a ColdFusion appliance at the time. Now however, ColdFusion 8 now supports virtualization so I guess the next big hurdle would be the appliance OS. Any appliance would have to be on a supported OS and, as far as I know, ColdFusion doesn't support any free, redistributable OS. (I could be wrong here. For example, I know you can get Solaris for free, but I'm exactly sure how it is licensed.) Anyway, I'm sure there are tons of other legal and technical issues, but I would really like see a ColdFusion virtual appliance on the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace, or anywhere for that matter, so I hope someone at Adobe can figure this out...

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