Getting Spry's Auto Suggest Widget to Hover in IE

Yesterday Dan Vega posted an entry about an issue he was seeing with Spry Auto Suggest widget in IE 6. Well it turns out I was investigating the Spry Auto Suggest widget just last week because I needed the cause of this bug. Let me explain.


Dan's Gravatar I really wish the business world did not resolve around IE so much. It so much of a pain to get things working how they should and then have to figure out how to hack it so the IE6 world can play along. Glad the tip helped, it was 1 that was bugging me for weeks.
# Posted By Dan | 12/14/07 9:38 AM
Martin's Gravatar Your issue with IE6 and the select lists is a well known pain in IE.

Since this bug, is only the tip of the iceberg for IE, I would suggest a site that will help you with these issues in future (since there are so many)

It will track issues in all browsers, but most are obviously in IE only.

Best of luck
# Posted By Martin | 12/14/07 3:38 PM
Parthasarathy's Gravatar Thanks! Fine Answer, first i tried adding the same to .show / .hide, but that doesn't work.
# Posted By Parthasarathy | 8/25/09 2:21 AM
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