CF Debug Copy for Internet Explorer

So I've been using my CF Debug Extension for SQL Explorer for a few months now. It works great when I just need to run a query to see the results. However, when I need to actually refine a query, which is quite often, I find that I usually end up copying the query from SQL Explorer to MS SQL Query Analyzer. This is because I have the excellent SQL Prompt plugin for Query Analyzer which makes looking up tables and columns a snap. (SQL Explorer is supposed to have code assistance but I haven't been able to get this to work.) I've found myself doing this double copy and paste more and more over the past few weeks so I decided to put something together that would let me skip the SQL Explorer step entirely. Introducing CF Debug Copy for Internet Explorer.


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Jason's Gravatar I just installed on IE 7 on XP, seems to work just fine. Thanks for the work on this plug in, it is going to no doubt be a time saver.
# Posted By Jason | 3/9/07 8:07 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar Glad to hear it is working in IE7.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 3/9/07 8:26 AM
Dmitriy's Gravatar Hey, Nathan. This is Dmitriy from ex-FBHC. Very nice tool and very helpful. Do you it's possible to do the same for stored procedures? Shoot me an email whenever you get a chance.
# Posted By Dmitriy | 3/9/07 9:00 AM
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