Object Search in SQL Query Analyzer

In MS SQL Query Analyzer for SQL 2000 you can search for just about any database object using the Object Search. To access Object Search just press the F4 key while in Query Analyzer. Since my co-worker turned me on to this feature I've found myself using it quite a bit. It is great for finding column and table names in large databases as it allows you to do wildcard searches. Say for example you can't remember if a column is named "LastLogIn" or "LastLoggedIn" and say you also can't remember which table it is stored in. Object Search to the rescue. Just select the "Column" object type and search for "LastLog%" and you will get a list of all columns that start with LastLog, as well as what tables they are stored in.

I though to share this now because I just installed SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server 2005's replacement for Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer, only to find it doesn't have this feature. I'll admit, I used Query Analyzer for about two years without knowing about this feature, but did no one know about it? Or did people know about it but just not use it? Anyway, I think I'll be sticking with Query Analyzer for a little while longer unless someone clues me in to some super cool feature of Management Studio. And just in case you are interested you can run an Object Search against your SQL 2005 databases if you connect using Query Analyzer. (Query Analyzer will prompt you to install a stored procedure the first time you try to run a search.)

Phil Duba's Gravatar Thanks for the tip Nathan! I could have used that about 3 weeks ago doing stored proc testing.
# Posted By Phil Duba | 4/13/07 2:08 PM
Stanley's Gravatar Hi, for searching in SQL 2005 you can use way, that I'm describing here
# Posted By Stanley | 8/22/07 6:25 AM
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