Instance Identifier for CFMX 6.1 Administrator

I manage several different instances of ColdFusion on several different physical servers. Each instance has its own CF administrator running under JRun's built in web server and while I have each bookmarked, I often forget which port number belongs to which instance on any given server. To help me identify which instance I'm currently working in I put together this basic instance identifier for the CF administrator. Just download the attached serverinstance.cfm and place it in your CFIDE/administrator directory. If you have an existing extensionscustom.cfm file in your administrator directory just add the following link:

<a href="serverinstance.cfm" target="content" class="link">Server Instance</a><br />

If you don't have an extensionscustom.cfm file in the CFIDE/administrator directory create one with the above content.

When you log in to the CF Administrator you should now have a "Server Instance" link under "CUSTOM EXTENSIONS" in the left hand navigation frame. Click on the link to bring up a page identifying the JRun instance.

The code is from a Dev Center article by Brandon Purcell.

Douglas Knudsen's Gravatar Can I claim prior art?
hehe. just kidding. I got the idea from a post by Stephen Erat. I requested this functionality in the CF 7 beta, but it didn't make it in. Seen any slides from Ben's presos on Scorpio yet? ;)

# Posted By Douglas Knudsen | 5/1/07 9:48 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar Great minds think alike :) Note that your extension will not work on CFMX 6 or 6.1. For some reason you can't execute CF code in the extensionscustom.cfm file in those versions. (Maybe you just can't cfoutput, I'm not 100% sure on that, I just know it didn't work for me.) Also, doesn't the enterprise edition of CFMX 7 have a built in Instance Manager?
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 5/1/07 10:10 PM
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