CF Debug Copy on RIAForge

CF Debug Copy for FireFox now has a home on RIAForge. A download is available now and I should have the source code in SVN soon.

In preparing this release I noticed that the earlier version of this extension didn't work with frames. The version on RIAForge should fix that issue.

I'm also thinking about creating a RIAForge project for the IE version of CF Debug Copy. The only problem is it is currently a Visual Studio .NET 2003 project and I'm not sure how to best share it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to best store Visual Studio projects in SVN I'm all ears.

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Aaron Longnion's Gravatar another option is to use this improved debug template, which outputs queries that use cfqueryparam with the correct SQL statements automagically. Therefore, no browser plugins are needed, and it's cross-compatible to all browsers. It should work for CFMX 6.1 and above. ;)
# Posted By Aaron Longnion | 5/18/07 10:40 AM
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