cfObjective Review

Nice hotel, great sessions, even better people... I'm definitely going to try to make it back next year.

Since I've seen detailed post for most of the sessions I attended I won't try to do that here. I am going to list out the sessions I attended and try to pull out the key fact or impression I took away from each.

Jason Delmore: Top Secret Scorpio!

ColdFusion will officially support virtualization and licensing will still be per physical CPU. (Basically each VM will be treated as an instance.) This is huge for my organization as where we are looking at possibility leveraging virtualization in our development and testing environments.

Mark Mandel: Developing Applications with Transfer ORM

Mark gave a very good introduction, but I'll have to play with Transfer to get a better feel for the framework. Compared to Reactor, it looks like it may require a little more work up front in terms of configuration.

Dean Saxe: Application Security and Compliance

I have a lot of work to do to make software security a part of our SDLC. I also think I need to pick up a book by Gary McGraw.

Sean Corfield: AJAX Integration With Scorpio

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks the YUI is pretty darn cool. Awesome stuff.

Mark Mandel: Advanced Transfer ORM Techniques

I'm really glad Mark gave this follow up presentation. I need to give Transfer a try soon.

Mark Drew: The CFEclipse Project

The Unity plugin looks awesome.

Daryl Banttari: Data Performance Tuning

If you use SQL Server this presentation was jam packed with extremely useful info. It's funny, but one of Daryl's examples didn't go exactly as planned. That ended up being very cool though because we basically got to sit through a query optimization session. Anyway, it's hard to pull just one thing from my notes for this one, but I guess I'll go with the fact that an table index has to be 95% selective to be used. I knew indexes were not always used, but I didn't realize the number was that high.

Adam Lehman: Scorpio Server Monitoring

The level of detail the new server monitoring tools give you looks to be pretty amazing. No more trying to guess how much memory those cfcs are taking up in your session scope.

Sean Corfield: Real World SOA

When you develop your services you have to keep in mind that the clients consuming those services may be fairly "dumb." For example they may not be able to deal with sessions or may not be able to handle complex arguments or return types.

Jeff Caughlin: FarCry 4

At one point in my life I was a FarCry commiter, so I was pretty excited to see what the FarCry crew has been up to since I dropped out of that scene a few years ago. Jeff showed off some pretty cool features, and if you are a FarCry developer, the best of which may have been the form tools functionality. No more PLPs!

Kelly Brown: ColdFusion Performance Tuning

This was another one which had so much practical information it is hard to pull out just one highlight. I guess for me it would be Kelly's review of the JVM stack. I've read about this before, but it is always good to get a refresher on how different JVM startup arguments affect different areas of the stack.

Charlie Arehart: Understanding, Improving and Resolving Issues with Database Procedure Caches

I know we always here that you should always use queryparam, but there are times when you may not want to use queryparams, or at least carefully consider the consequences of using a prepared statement.

Ben Forta: Keynote

Seeing Ben present the new Eclipse AJAX wizard, I couldn't help but think of Lazlo.

Rob Gonda: Introduction to Cairngorm

Rob gave a good intro to Cairngorm. It is not too complex to understand, but I can't help but feel it is too complex for what it does. (I know I said this a few months ago, but I really am going to start playing with Flex soon.)

Chris Scott: Introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming with ColdSpring

I first head about AOP a few years ago when I read The Pragmatic Programmer, but I have to admit I didn't really get it at that point. Chris gave a very good intro to the topic and showed some pretty awesome examples of how it can be used to handle crosscutting concerns. I've been using ColdSpring for DI, I really need to start taking advantage of its AOP capabilities.

Chris Scott: Leveraging ColdSpring to Build a Robust and Maintainable Architecture for Flex

Chris gave examples of using ColdSpring's Remoting Framework to power a Flex application. I couldn't help but think the same could be used to power an AJAX application. Given Scorpio's new AJAX features this may be an important role for the Remoting Framework. I also found a compelling use for interfaces in CF, defining the remote interface for an existing service component.

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