Captcha Enabled

Well, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Yesterday I woke up to find about 100 messages in my inbox with links to my blog. Someone decided that using the "send" link on my blog entries would be a good way to get people to click on their low mortgage/cheap prescription drug/free porn links. So after over a year of not having to deal with spam on this blog I'm finally enabling captcha. Right now I think it is using the default, more complicated captcha images, but I'm going to look into setting up the simpler mode when I have the time. (I think this may even be a configuration option in later versions of Blog CFC.)

Phil Duba's Gravatar That must mean your blog is getting popular, :).
# Posted By Phil Duba | 6/11/07 9:58 PM
Stephen Moretti's Gravatar Its actually using the overly simplified version of captcha that is the default these days.
If you want a midway set up between the scarily over simplified and the over kill version that was the original default take a look at the entry I did ages ago.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 6/15/07 6:29 AM
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