I've been using SeeFusion for the past couple of weeks and I have to say, I'm not quite sure how I managed ColdFusion servers without it.


Mike Brunt's Gravatar This is a nice endorsement of a great product, FusionReactor is good too but as I co-founded Webapper SeeFusion is close to my heart. I left Webapper just over a year ago so have no vested interest. There are many luminaries in the CF World the greatest I have ever met are Hal Helms and Daryl Banttari and I have a small amount of credo having used CF since version 1.54, totally in the trenches. Both of them have immense talent yet total humility. SeeFusion came out of Daryl's head and was molded by Pat Quinn the CEO of Webapper.

One more point, that analytics with CF8 will not cut it if ColdFusion is already dying or dead. SeeFusion runs at the Java level so keeps on reporting till the bitter end.
# Posted By Mike Brunt | 6/19/07 12:12 AM
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