ColdFire Updates

A while back I sent some updates to the ColdFire ColdFusion debugger over to Ray Camden and today he published those updates. So what's new?

Well first you will notice that the DB Queries tab now shows stored procedure info. I'm not a big user of stored procedures, but I think this should give you the same info as you would normally see using the classic debug template.

Next, I updated the parsing of query parameters so that so that it is a little smarter. (By parameter parsing I mean the replacement of question marks in the SQL text with the actual queryparam value.) If the cfsqltype needs quotes then the value is quoted. If it is a bit data type and the value is true/false or yes/no this get converted to 1/0. Finally, if there are more question marks in your query than queryparams you get the raw SQL text with queryparams listed out. Now you should be able to copy the SQL text from ColdFire right into your SQL tool of choice, at least for most queries.

If, however, you don't want ColdFire to parse query parameters at all you now have that option as well. Just uncheck the "Parse Query Parameters" option, found in the options menu on the right of the FireBug pane, and ColdFire will now list out query parameters after the SQL text.

There were also several updates made under the hood. You won't see this in the SVN repo (yet?), but if you decide to unpack the xpi you may notice the changes. First, the code was reorganized to make the layout and naming conventions match those used in FireBug and several other FireFox plugins. This wasn't absolutely necessary, but it should make the code easier for others to follow. Plus this new code layout makes it easier to work with tools like the Extension Developer's Extension so I thought it was worth the change. I also put in the plumbing for localization. I'll admit that I was lazy and only set up properties for the stuff I added. The code that is needed to fully localize the extension is now there though so it's just a matter of moving all the text strings out to the properties file.

Hope you like the updates, and thanks to Ray Camden and Adam Podolnick for such an awesome tool.

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