SQL Formatting

This is something that drives me crazy. The other day I needed to debug a problem report so I asked the developer to send me SQL he was using to generate the report. The SQL looked something like this:


Lola LB's Gravatar Umm . . . in the second problem example, it no longer is "incorrect", because the comma exists there, as such: ,pa.Column8 AS Col8
# Posted By Lola LB | 7/11/07 11:11 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar Lola, the error was actually on a different line for the second example. I guess it makes more sense to have the same error in both examples so I'm changing them now.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 7/11/07 12:14 PM
Boyan's Gravatar I've tried a bunch of online SQL formatters but the one I like best is at http://www.wangz.net/cgi-bin/pp/gsqlparser/sqlpp/s...
# Posted By Boyan | 7/11/07 1:52 PM
James's Gravatar Here is another free online sql formatter:
# Posted By James | 11/29/07 8:33 AM
sumanth's Gravatar you can try www.sqlinform.com
# Posted By sumanth | 8/28/08 2:13 AM
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