Gotcha When Sharing Eclipse Workspaces Between Platforms

On my home computer, a MacBook Pro, I have a few Eclipse workspaces: one for ColdFusion development, one for Java stuff, and one for Firefox and JS development. I also run Windows XP under Parallels on this machine and I happen to share a few of these workspaces across platforms. (I'm sure this is not recommended, but hey...) One problem I've run into is that sometimes my Eclipse window gets "stuck" under the menu bar in OS X. This will happen if I've moved my Eclipse window to the top of my Windows screen, close the workspace, then open the workspace in OS X.

When this happens there are two ways to solve the issue. One way is close the workspace in OS X, reopen it in Windows, then resize the window so that it is not at the top of the Windows screen. Sometimes though, I don't have my Windows VM running and I don't feel like starting it up. On those occasions I open the [my_workspace_folder].metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.ui.workbench/workbench.xml file and modify the following element (near the top of the file):

<window height="812" maximized="true" width="1139" x="3" y="18">

I can change this to something like:

<window height="600" width="800" x="20" y="20">

I then save the file and re-open the workspace in OS X and I'm able to move and resize my Eclipse window as needed.

I don't run into this issue as much now that I'm aware of it, but it really stumped me when I first encountered it so I though it was worth sharing.

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