ColdFire 1.001

Ray just posted version 1.001 of ColdFire over at Riaforge. This version should now work when you open Firebug in a new window.

Application.cfc and ColdFire

While working on the latest version ColdFire I "discovered" the following: If you use the onRequest method of the Application.cfc the page's variables scope is not available to the debugging template. Not a big deal most of the time as the built in debugging templates don't output anything from the variables scope. This is a problem for ColdFire however because it renders the variable dumping functionality basically useless.


Get ColdFire!

As you may have seen on Ray's blog, today we released version 1.0 of the ColdFire ColdFusion Debugger. For those that don't know ColdFire is extension to the Firebug Firefox extension, similar to YSlow, only ColdFire displays ColdFusion debugging info. To use ColdFire you need to install a custom debugging template on your server (coldfire.cfm) then configure ColdFusion to use this template via the Administrator. (Detailed installation instructions can be found in the download.)


Finding Newline Characters With SQL

I ran into something today that I've never had to do before: I needed to select rows from a SQL Server database table where a column had a newline character (CR+LF). After a little searching I found one approach.

FROM Table
WHERE PATINDEX('%'+CHAR(13)+CHAR(10)+'%',Column) > 0

I hadn't used SQL Server's PATINDEX function before, but it looks like it could be pretty useful. If anyone has another approach please let me know.

Problems Seeing CF Installer Under Parallels

I just ran into an issue running the ColdFusion 8 installer on XP Pro in Parallels 3.0. When I first tried to run the installer I couldn't see the contents of the installer window. Turns out I had to stop the VM and change the video settings. I disabled DirectX support and custom screen resolutions was then able to see the installer with no problems. I had the same issue with CF 7 so it seems to be an issue with ColdFusion installer software and certain Parallels video settings.

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