ColdFire and a CF to JSON Gotcha

A new version of ColdFire is up on RIAForge. This is an extension only update that fixes a bug related to JSON serialization/deserialization of queryparam values.

The problem was reported and fixed by Shane Bradly. He noticed that he was not seeing the SQL for some of his queries in the ColdFire Query tab. His investigation found that passing a numeric value for a text queryparam type such as cf_sql_varchar or cf_sql_char caused the following JavaScript in the ColdFire extension to fail:


shag's Gravatar Thanks Nathan. I just installed your updated version, and it works as expected. Thanks for putting up with my e-mails.
# Posted By shag | 10/22/08 1:09 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar I've run into this myself a few times as well. You should log an ER for this (
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 10/22/08 2:27 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @shag - Glad we got it working as expected, and thanks for tracking this one down!

@Raymond - I'll log an ER.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 10/23/08 11:22 AM
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