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Last night I released a new version of ColdFire, This is an extension only bug fix release which:

  • fixed issues with execution times tab summary rows (issues 42 and 44)
  • fixed issue with variables tab (issue 43)
  • improved multiple tab support.


I also realized I never announced the previous release on this blog. That release had quite a few improvements and new features which I'll detail below.

Debugging of Pages that use <cflocation>

Previous releases did not output ColdFire debugging info for pages that used <cflocation>. This has been changed so that pages that use <cflocation> should now show up in the ColdFire request queue, very handy for debugging login queries and the like.

New Application.cfc Components

One of the limitations of ColdFire's Variables tab is that, by default, it does not work with applications that use the Application.cfc's onRequest method. The ColdFire download now contains Application.cfc's that can be extended to provide Variables tab support to those applications. Instructions for use are included in the install.txt.

Enhanced Tracing

Being able to dump page level variables via the Variables tab is great, but a lot of times I want to dump variables inside of a component where the variables tab cannot "see." For example, I may want to dump the results of a function local query. Previously what I usually did was call <cfdump> followed immedialty by <cfabort>. This works, but what I really wanted was some way to dump variables out to ColdFire. ColdFusion has cftrace, but it's output is often less than helpful when working with arrays, queries, or other complex object types. So what I came up with for this release is an enhanced cftrace tag. By installing the enhanced <cftrace> tag on your CF server (instructions are in the install.txt) and selecting the "Enhance Trace" option in the ColdFire extension's option menu, <cftrace> output goes from something like this:

to something like this:

If you are not using ColdFire <cftrace> continues to function as normal.

Execution Time Summary Rows

The Execution Times tab also got some love in this release. This tab now has summary rows which detail how much time was spent in database and CFC calls.

Sortable Columns

Most panel tabs now have sortable tables. For the most part, every table column is sortable, just click on the table header. Sort columns are highlighted and the direction of the sort is indicated by a small arrow. See the Total Time column in the Execution Times tab screen shot above for an example.

What's Next

This will probabaly be the last 1.2 release for ColdFire. Firebug has had a 1.3 beta available for some time and I plan to begin developing against that version for the next release. I have a couple of ideas for improvements and new features, but as always I'd like to hear from you, the users. (You are using ColdFire, right?)

Bob Walasek's Gravatar Just started using the coldfire trace - love it!! I can't seem to get the new 'enhanced' trace output to work though - what is the proper format of the <cftrace text=""> to display a structure for example? Thanks for putting the time into creating this - you efforts are appreciated!
# Posted By Bob Walasek | 1/13/09 12:32 PM
Bob Walasek's Gravatar Never mind - I figured it out - works great when you use it right! Thanks again.
# Posted By Bob Walasek | 1/13/09 3:16 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar Hi Bob, glad you like it. Just FYI, there are a few bugs with the cftrace.cfm included in the 1.2 release. If you are not using the latest 1.3 beta ( I would suggest using the cftrace.cfm from that release. (It will work fine with the 1.2 release.)
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 1/13/09 3:29 PM
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