ColdFire SVN

As you may have heard Ray Camden and Rob Gonda recently made some updates to RIAForge which allow project owners to share SVN access. After this update Ray was kind enough to give me access to the ColdFire repository and since then I've done some reorganizing. So, what will you find in the ColdFire SVN repo?


Rob Gonda's Gravatar Great job explaining trunk, branches, and tags. The repo also has good examples of Firefox extension building and ANT scripts... love it.

My only suggestion is using external property files with ANT, thus separating logic from config...

# Posted By Rob Gonda | 2/12/08 4:59 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar Thanks Rob. I've taken your suggestion regarding property files. The trunk and 1.0 branches now use a pair of property files ( and to set key values for the build.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 3/6/08 1:48 PM
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