ColdFire 1.004

Ray has just released ColdFire 1.004. This version doesn't really offer much in the way of new CF debugging features, but it does lay the groundwork for a new version which will work with Firefox 3. So what's changed?


RobG's Gravatar Hey, thanks for such an amazing tool! I discovered it today while browsing the projects at RIAForge. I've installed it on two machines, but I can't get the Variables feature to work. I see that you have to choose your own, so I added (for example), url.action to the list. But it never populates, even though this particular value is passed on every single page (and is cfparam'd). I tried a few others too and the same result... nothing.

This happens on an XP Pro machine and also a Vista machine. The XP machine is running CF8 via Multiserver, and the Vista machine is running CF8 regularly. Both use Apache (XP is 2.2, Vista is 2.0).

I'm wondering what I may have done wrong...
# Posted By RobG | 3/12/08 6:40 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Rob - Did you refresh the page after adding the variables? If it is still not working you may want to check out my "Troubleshooting ColdFire" post:

If you still can't get it working please submit a bug on the ColdFire RIAForge site.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 3/12/08 11:05 PM
RobG's Gravatar Hi Nathan! Thanks for the quick response. I got it working!! I'm not sure how, but it works now. :) Wow this thing is SLICK!!
# Posted By RobG | 3/13/08 12:34 PM
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