ColdFire 1.004

Ray has just released ColdFire 1.004. This version doesn't really offer much in the way of new CF debugging features, but it does lay the groundwork for a new version which will work with Firefox 3. So what's changed?

First I fixed a few minor bugs related to platform specific stylesheets. You probably wouldn't have noticed these bugs unless you happened to be running the error console and were logging chrome errors via the javascript.options.showInConsole preference, but it is was a bug and is fixed now.

Next, the coldfire-service XPCOM object has been rewritten and now has some debugging features of it's own. If you want this service to log messages to the Firebug error console you can set the extensions.coldfire.logSvcMsgs property to true and just about every method call in the service will be logged. This re-write is heavily based on the latest version of the Modify Headers extension, so thanks go to Gareth Hunt for that awesome extension.

Finally we have a new build file which uses a couple of property files to set key values in the build process. Thanks go to Rob Gonda for the suggestion and the Firebug build files for the inspiration. If you want to build incremental development versions of ColdFire yourself you will have to put a file in the project root with a few key settings. For reference here is my file:

install.dir=C:/Documents and Settings/nmische/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/f8xmsjhf.temp
These properties are optional and only needed if you want to build incremental development builds or recompile the XPCOM interface. The install.dir is the directory to the profile you want to install incremental builds in. The geckosdk.dir is the directory for the gecko-sdk, needed to compile the XPCOM interface. Note that if you don't update the .idl file then the pre-compiled .xpt from the repository will be used. The cfserver.debug.dir is the directory where your ColdFusion server's debug templates live, and finally the is the name of the profile you want to use when the build script starts up Firefox. (The targets to start and stop Firefox are windows only. If you're on a Mac you can easily re-launch Firefox using Quicksilver.)

The build also uses a file to set version numbers, but this file is in the SVN repo and should'nt need to be changed.

That's it for this release. I hope to have a new version out soon that works with the latest Firefox 3 and Firebug 1.1 Betas. After that I have a pretty good list of enhancements which I'll share once we get things working with Firefox 3.

RobG's Gravatar Hey, thanks for such an amazing tool! I discovered it today while browsing the projects at RIAForge. I've installed it on two machines, but I can't get the Variables feature to work. I see that you have to choose your own, so I added (for example), url.action to the list. But it never populates, even though this particular value is passed on every single page (and is cfparam'd). I tried a few others too and the same result... nothing.

This happens on an XP Pro machine and also a Vista machine. The XP machine is running CF8 via Multiserver, and the Vista machine is running CF8 regularly. Both use Apache (XP is 2.2, Vista is 2.0).

I'm wondering what I may have done wrong...
# Posted By RobG | 3/12/08 6:40 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Rob - Did you refresh the page after adding the variables? If it is still not working you may want to check out my "Troubleshooting ColdFire" post:

If you still can't get it working please submit a bug on the ColdFire RIAForge site.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 3/12/08 11:05 PM
RobG's Gravatar Hi Nathan! Thanks for the quick response. I got it working!! I'm not sure how, but it works now. :) Wow this thing is SLICK!!
# Posted By RobG | 3/13/08 12:34 PM
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