ColdFire Released

I just put the next release of ColdFire up on the RIAForge site.

This version was really focused on driving some of the complexity out of the extension code. To that end I:

  • Did away with the XPCOM object.
  • Got rid of custom network monitoring code. ColdFire now leverages Firebug's network monitor, which is much more robust.
  • Consolidated helper objects and functions into one lib.js file.
  • Renamed source files to more closely match Firebug.

New features in this release include:

  • ColdFire now has a request queue. More on this later, but for now > > check this out < <.
  • Variables can now be defined per Firefox tab.

There are some big changes under the hood in this release so if you run into any problems be sure to report them on the RIAForge site. Also note that this an extension update only, so there is no need to update your coldfire.cfm debug template.

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