ColdFire Update for FF 3.0.1

Last night I released ColdFire which is compatible with FF 3.0.1. No real updates, just a change to the install manifest to indicate that ColdFire should be compatible with all FF 3.0.* releases.

Contributing to OSS

I use a good deal of open source software in my day to day development and maybe I'm just lucky, but I tend to find bugs in a lot of that software. I'm also the kind of developer that loves to dig into unfamiliar code and figure out what is going on. This usually leads to me tracking down the issue and submitting a patch back to the project. In just the past couple of weeks I've submitted, and had accepted, patches to both the Apache POI project as well as the Firebug project. Now, I'm far from an expert Java or Mozilla developer, but to fix a lot of bugs you don't necessarily have to know the technology in question backwards and forwards. Far more important is the fact that you have found the bug in the first place and have the ability to reproduce it consistently. Once you have done that you can usually track down the one or two lines causing the issue and figure out a solution. This type of bug fixing has lead to my becoming a core committer on a couple of high profile CF open source projects. Having said that, becoming a committer isn't all that common, and you shouldn't necessarily assume your patches will be accepted by the project. I've definitely had more patches ignored or outright rejected than I've had accepted and included in projects.


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