ColdFire Update for FF 3.0.1

Last night I released ColdFire which is compatible with FF 3.0.1. No real updates, just a change to the install manifest to indicate that ColdFire should be compatible with all FF 3.0.* releases.

Brian Meloche's Gravatar Nathan,

Why isn't ColdFire listed in the Firefox Add-ons?

FirePHP, which does the same thing for PHP sites, is...
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 7/23/08 1:26 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar I've gone back and forth about putting ColdFire on AMO. The issue is that ColdFire is not just a Firefox Extension, there is a ColdFusion component as well. Specific versions of the Extension require specific versions of the ColdFusion debugging template and as far as I know you can only host XPIs on the AMO site. In order to keep things simple I've decided to keep the entire package on RIAForge.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 7/23/08 8:47 AM
Brian Meloche's Gravatar Nathan,

I strongly suggest you reconsider. This sends a bad message to the general community outside of ColdFusion. Read this:

You'll notice ColdFire is mentioned in the article, but not favorably, due to the fact it's not listed.

In general, we ColdFusion developers must look outside our own community.


Brian Meloche
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 7/23/08 8:56 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Brian - Thanks for the link, I had not seen that.

The main problem I have with AMO is that it enables auto-updates of the extension. This becomes a problem because there is no guarantee that a newer version of the extension with work with older versions of the ColdFusion debugging template. Imagine Firefox prompting you to update to the latest and greatest ColdFire extension, and when you do you find that ColdFire no longer works. Further imagine that you don't control the servers, so you have to try to convince the server admins to update the debugging template. (I don't have to imagine this as I don't control the development servers where I work.)

I may be convinced to put ColdFire on AMO if RIAForge supported multiple file downloads. That way if someone accidentally updated to an incompatible extension they could at least go to RIAForge and download the older, compatible XPI...

And yes, someone could still update to an incompatible extension now, but by forcing people to download the entire package with the readme they will at least be warned that the current version requires a ColdFire debugging template update.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 7/23/08 11:19 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar And for the record Firebug 1.1 was _never_ listed on AMO and Firebug 1.2 was only recently listed because the site blew up about a month ago. So I'm not really sure why the author of that article chose to ding ColdFire for not being listed on AMO when Firebug itself wouldn't be if it were not for a server failure.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 7/23/08 11:31 AM
levi's Gravatar Hello I am having problems getting this working with mach-II. where everything is related to say index.cfm?e=someevent&somedata=nada this will call the event which will then show the view related to someevent such as someeven.cfm the data in that file is then sent to index.cfm so the variable scope gets taken out i suppose? does anyone have any input on how to use coldfire with mach-ii? because its a really awesome program, but unusable as far as i can tell in my limited knowledge of mach-ii.
# Posted By levi | 7/23/08 4:16 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @levi - Please see this post:

If you are still having problems after using the troubleshooting techniques in that post, please post a message to the ColdFire forums at
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 7/23/08 4:48 PM
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