Basic Authentication With ColdFusion

Here is an Application.cfc which implements HTTP Basic Authentication:


CF Debug Copy for IE on RIAForge

Over the weekend I put CF Debug Copy for IE up on RIAForge. I hadn't posted this to RIAForge before because I had plans to investigate building the windows installer using WiX so that I could post the source along with the final .msi. Since it has been well over a year and I haven't got around to this I figured I might as well post the installer I built using Visual Studio.

CF Debug Copy for IE does the same thing as CF Debug Copy for Firefox, except it does it for IE. If you want more details check out this post or the RIAForge site.

CF Debug Copy for Firefox Update

I've updated my CF Debug Copy for Firefox extension to work with Firefox 3.0.x. You can get the latest version from RIAForge. If you want to know more about the extension check out this post or the RIAForge site.

Firebug 1.2.0b10

Firebug 1.2.0b10 has been released on I just gave ColdFire a quick test and everything seems to work. If you find any issues be sure to report them on the RIAForge site.

Speaking of Firebug, some of you may have run into the "double load" issue in Firebug 1.2. This issue is actually due to a limitation in the Mozilla browser, but a fix has been developed, in part by the Firebug team. So if you want to help Firebug, and in turn ColdFire, go to the Mozilla bug database and vote for Bug 430155. (This is one way you can help your favorite open source projects without contributing code!)

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