Cell Style Caching Issue With POIUtility

I've been using Ben Nadel's POIUtilty for a while now. I really like the custom tag library he has built for building Excel spreadsheets, particularly the way he has abstracted the POI cell formatting options out to CSS. Last week however, I ran into a strange issue while running the latest release on CFMX 7. Cell styles were not being properly applied and it seemed to be related to the CSS style caching functionality. What was even more strange was that the code ran fine on CF 8. Below are samples of the correctly styled spreadsheet genrated by CF 8 and the incorrectly formatted spreadsheet generated by CF 7.


ColdFire Update Released

I just released a new version of ColdFire over on the RIAForge site. This version is an update to both the Firefox extension and the coldfire.cfm ColdFusion debugging template. Below are the highlights for this release:


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