ColdFire Update Released

I just released a new version of ColdFire over on the RIAForge site. This version is an update to both the Firefox extension and the coldfire.cfm ColdFusion debugging template. Below are the highlights for this release:


Craig McDonald's Gravatar Great stuff, the reworked variables output is excellent!
# Posted By Craig McDonald | 9/15/08 5:38 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar Thanks Craig. The new variables formatting took a good bit a work so I'm glad someone likes it :)
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 9/15/08 10:23 PM
Josh's Gravatar I installed and followed all of the instructions, but every time I load FF3 I get this error:

An error occurred during a connection to

SSL received a record with incorrect Message Authentication Code.

(Error code: ssl_error_bad_mac_read)
# Posted By Josh | 9/17/08 4:50 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Josh - I'm not sure what is causing this error. My best advice is to create a new profile in Firefox and install only Firebug 1.2 and ColdFire 1.2.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 9/17/08 6:26 PM
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