CFBuilder DocShare Support

A few weeks ago Terry Ryan released his Instant Code Review ColdFusion Builder Extension. I realize that the point of the extension was to get people to think of creative uses of CF Builder extensions, but I couldn't help but think that there are much better ways of collaborating using the Eclipse platform, specifically the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) DocShare plug-in.

Unfortunately ColdFusion Builder's CFML Editor doesn't support the plug-in out of the box. Fortunately the DocShare plug-in developers did the Eclipse thing and made it easy to extend the plug-in to support other editors. So I put together an Eclipse plug-in that adds DocShare support to the CFBuilder CFML editor. You can check out the CFBuilder DocShare Support plug-in at RIAForge.

A few notes about the plug-in. First, you will need to install ECF, including the DocShare plugin. For update URLs for your version of Eclipse see the ECF site. Second, my plug-in just enables the "Share This Editor With..." context menu item in the CF Builder CFML editor, the actual editor sharing is implemented via the ECF DocShare plug-in. For more info on the DocShare plug-in and its use see the DocShare Plugin site. Finally, I've had I've had hit and miss luck with the DocShare plugin, so be sure you have a backup of the file you plan to work on in shared editor.


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