I'm An Adobe Community Expert

This morning I opened my e-mail only to find a message from Adobe saying that I had been granted membership to the Adobe Community Experts program for 2009.

I have to say I was a little surprised, but I'm definitely looking forward to sharing more of my ColdFusion expertise with the Adobe community in the coming year. Thanks Adobe!

Phil Duba's Gravatar Congrats Nathan!
# Posted By Phil Duba | 2/11/09 9:43 PM
Terrence Ryan's Gravatar Awesome dude, you deserve it.
# Posted By Terrence Ryan | 2/11/09 9:53 PM
Dave Konopka's Gravatar Congrats. That's very cool and definitely deserved.
# Posted By Dave Konopka | 2/11/09 9:59 PM
Rachel Luxemburg's Gravatar Glad to have you! :)
# Posted By Rachel Luxemburg | 2/12/09 12:59 AM
Adam Tuttle's Gravatar Congratulations! That's a great way to start any day...
# Posted By Adam Tuttle | 2/12/09 5:13 PM
Becky's Gravatar Congratulations, Nathan, on this well-deserved recognition!
# Posted By Becky | 2/13/09 8:38 AM
Peter Bell's Gravatar Congratulations - that's great!
# Posted By Peter Bell | 2/13/09 9:57 AM
Tofinha's Gravatar Congratulations Nathan!
Welcome the team!
# Posted By Tofinha | 5/1/09 11:05 AM
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