ColdFire Now Listed on Firebug Site

Just a quick post to say that, thanks to a nudge from Ray, I finally got ColdFire listed on the Firebug Extensions page.

Raymond Camden's Gravatar Woot! Awesome. :)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 2/1/09 4:04 PM
Chris Dawes's Gravatar Sweet...nice work Ray! now we just need to get it added to the firefox add-ins updater and it's SUPER-SWEET!!
# Posted By Chris Dawes | 2/2/09 9:26 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Chris: ColdFire will not be hosted on the AMO site. ColdFire has several components beyond the .xpi and currently there is no way to host these additional files on AMO.

That said, I did check the AMO site recently and they seem to have added a new "This add-on requires external software" field to the submission form. I don't think this field is used for anything on the site yet, but if they do start to use that field in some meaningful way I _may_ reconsider.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 2/3/09 10:59 AM
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