ColdFire 1.3

Yesterday uploaded the latest 1.3 release of ColdFire to RIAForge. Since it has been awhile since I've blogged about ColdFire here, I thought I'd take some time and share the new features that have been introduced in the 1.3 version of ColdFire.


Anthony Hixon, Jr.'s Gravatar Do you happen to have any plans on the roadmap to support Open BlueDragon? I would really like to have the power of ColdFire while I'm working on that platform.
# Posted By Anthony Hixon, Jr. | 4/7/09 10:38 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Anthony - I don't currently. If anyone familiar with debugging in OpenBD would like to work on this I'd be willing to offer advice/support, but I don't have the time to code it at this point.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 4/7/09 4:43 PM
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