ColdFire 1.3

Yesterday uploaded the latest 1.3 release of ColdFire to RIAForge. Since it has been awhile since I've blogged about ColdFire here, I thought I'd take some time and share the new features that have been introduced in the 1.3 version of ColdFire.

First, there have been several updates to the trace.cfm custom tag. If you are using the enhanced trace feature of ColdFire I strongly suggest you upgrade to the latest 1.3 release.

Next there is a new UI for selecting files from the request queue. This change was made to take advantage of Firebug's internal locations API and make the UI more consistent with the rest of Firebug. You will notice that the file selector now looks and acts like those on the Scripts and CSS tabs. All in all I think this enhancement makes the request queue much more usable as you can now switch between files in the queue form any ColdFire view.

There have also been some additions and improvements to the options menu. First there is a new "Suppress Query White Space" option. Some ORM tools generate a lot of white space in the query SQL text, so this option makes it much easier to work with those tools. Next, if you toggle the "Parse Query Parameters" or "Suppress Query White Space" options the UI is updated immediately, no need for a refresh. This feature is nice if you happen to have queryparam parsing on and want to take a quick look at what values were passed as queryparams, or if you run into a query with a lot of white space that you want to get a better look at. Finally there is a new "Enable CFAJAX Debugging" option that allows you to debug requests made using ColdFusion's AJAX libraries via the request queue.

Another recent enhancement to the UI is right-click copy of SQL statements. Now it doesn't matter if you are parsing queryparams or not, if you want to copy a SQL statement to the clipboard all you need to do is right click the query in the DB Queries tab and select "Copy SQL" from the context menu.

The last extension enhancement that I'll mention here is the new exception tab which allows you to see all exceptions for a request, just as the classic.cfm debugging template does. To be honest I'm not sure why this has been missing from ColdFire all this time, but it is there now.

Beyond enhancements to the Firebug UI, I've also included some new ColdFusion code to help you leverage ColdFire in other situations. Specifically there is a new ColdFireAdvice that you can use with ColdSpring AOP. This advice is particularly useful if you are using ColdSpring to generate remote proxies for Flex or AJAX requests. (This adds a whole new level of debugging options for Flex. To get an idea of what is possible see my earlier post on debugging Flex with ColdFire.)

Beyond these big improvements there have been a number of small bug fixes as well. So be sure to go grab the latest ColdFire from RIAForge.

Anthony Hixon, Jr.'s Gravatar Do you happen to have any plans on the roadmap to support Open BlueDragon? I would really like to have the power of ColdFire while I'm working on that platform.
# Posted By Anthony Hixon, Jr. | 4/7/09 10:38 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Anthony - I don't currently. If anyone familiar with debugging in OpenBD would like to work on this I'd be willing to offer advice/support, but I don't have the time to code it at this point.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 4/7/09 4:43 PM
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