RIAForge Now Protected by Akismet

A few months ago I got so fed up with dealing with spam on the ColdFire RIAForge site that I disabled comments for all blog entries and completely disabled the forums. However, rather than admit defeat, I talked with Ray Camden to see if I could help get Akismet support in RIAForge. Ray took me up on my offer and today he released a couple of updates that I think project authors will really appreciate.

The biggest update is that under the hood RIAForge is now using Brandon Harper's cfAkismet library to validate blog comments and forum posts. Blog comments flagged as spam by Akismet are moderated so that blog authors can choose to delete them or approve them as "ham." Due to some limitations with the way Galleon Forums are integrated into the RIAForge site, forum posts are just blocked outright if flagged as spam.

Anyway, I hope this will help other RIAForge authors as much as it will help me, and please let Ray or me know if you have any questions about the Akismet integration.

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