IP Ranger

Today I released a new ColdFusion administrator extension, IP Ranger, which allows IP ranges to be added to the debugging IP address list. IPv4 IP address ranges may be added using wildcards (192.*.*.*), octect ranges (192.168.1-10.1-120), or a combination of both (192.168.*.1-120). IP Ranger also allows you to verify, delete, and refresh IP address ranges.

For more information see the IP Ranger project page on RIAForge. Thanks to my co-worker Adam Tuttle for giving me the idea for this project.

Finally, if you want to find out more about building your own ColdFusion administrator extensions be sure to check out Ray Camden's Guide to ColdFusion Administrator Extensions.

Adam Tuttle's Gravatar Looks awesome, and I'm impressed you got it together so quickly. Well done!
# Posted By Adam Tuttle | 7/31/09 8:10 PM
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