ColdFire 1.6 Update

Just a quick post to let folks know I've released an update for ColdFire 1.6 that fixes an issue changing ColdFire views when Firebug is detached from the main browser window. I advise all ColdFire users to update, even you are not seeing this issue, as the initial ColdFire 1.6 release was using an obsolete Firebug API and silently throwing errors. This is a Firebug extension update only so there is no need to update any of the ColdFire templates on the server.

Thanks to ColdFire user Rob Barthle for reporting this issue and taking the time to put together a screencast so I could easily see the problem.

jeff's Gravatar Nathan, just wondering if the ColdFire is going to continue to be maintained? Seems like the forum on riaforge is dead and inquiries aren't being answered. This tool is invaluable to me and used all day, every day. Am I missing some other tool that everybody else is using making this obsolete? I'm dying to move to Firefox 4, but I don't want to break ColdFire in the process. But if this thing is going to die of neglect, I guess I'll find a suitable alternative. Thanks for all you do. I'd love to donate if you point me in the right direction.
# Posted By jeff | 3/15/11 6:52 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar Hi Jeff, ColdFire is still maintained although I don't plan to add any features to it anytime soon. Firefox 4/Firebug 1.7 support should be coming any day now.

As for the forums on RIAForge, for some reason I do not receive email notifications when people post there so I don't often check them. I'll try to get that fixed so I can be better at responding there.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 3/23/11 11:32 AM
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