AMF Explorer 0.5

I've released a few updates to AMF Explorer over the last week or so. Improvements include support for small messages, better formatting, and better error messages. You can get the latest from the AMO site.

Unfortunately automatic updates are not enabled because AMF Explorer has yet to go public. If you are using AMF Explorer please consider taking the time to register and review the add-on on the AMO site as this will help with the AMO review process. Once the add-on is public it will be easier to find and install as it will not be marked as experimental and automatic updates will be enabled. Thanks!

Vote Now

If you use, or would like to use, Firebug or ColdFire please consider voting for my CFUnited topic: Debugging ColdFusion Web Applications With Firebug and ColdFire. Using practical debugging examples, the presentation covers many of the core features Firebug and ColdFire. I also try hit some of the lesser know features for those more experienced with these Firefox add-ons.

Announcing AMF Explorer

Back in late 2008 the nsITraceableChannel interface was added to the Mozilla browser allowing extension developers to intercept incoming HTTP responses. At that time I pondered the possibility of adding AMF support to Firebug, however life got in the way and I never really had time to fully explore what it would take to do this. That is until now. Today I'm happy to announce that I'm finally releasing AMF Explorer.


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