Announcing AMF Explorer

Back in late 2008 the nsITraceableChannel interface was added to the Mozilla browser allowing extension developers to intercept incoming HTTP responses. At that time I pondered the possibility of adding AMF support to Firebug, however life got in the way and I never really had time to fully explore what it would take to do this. That is until now. Today I'm happy to announce that I'm finally releasing AMF Explorer.


Adam Tuttle's Gravatar Badass! Hopefully this can replace ServiceCapture/Charles.
# Posted By Adam Tuttle | 2/17/10 5:07 PM
todd sharp's Gravatar FYI - this was crashing Firefox 3.6 using FP 10.1 beta - had to uninstall. Can't wait til it's stable enough for prime time!
# Posted By todd sharp | 2/26/10 10:20 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar Thanks for the heads up Todd. Was this happening on one site in particular, or was it everywhere?
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 2/26/10 4:17 PM
todd sharp's Gravatar it *was* every site - but to follow up I can't necessarily pin it down to your extension - i thought it was fixed after i uninstalled but it wasn't until i restarted my machine (after tweaking tons of different other settings). sorry i can't offer any more help - i'm gonna just leave it uninstalled for now tho since i got everything back working. i can't wait to use this tho - hopefully if others report it being pretty stable i'll give it another shot.
# Posted By todd sharp | 2/26/10 4:27 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Todd - New version of AMF Explorer is out today. Please check it out and post any issues to the RIAForge project page: Thanks!
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 3/2/10 9:02 AM
prince161079's Gravatar When will AMF explorer will be out which supports Firebug 1.11 and FF 17> ?
At lease post the combination of FF, Fb, AMFexplorer version which work perfect including "copy data as JSON"
I recently formatted my system and now I am not able to get this "copy data as JSON" in any of the combinations :(
# Posted By prince161079 | 12/10/12 12:12 AM
statement of teaching interest's Gravatar The material in this section is based on the XML Specification. This is not an exhaustive list of all the constructs that appear in XML it provides an introduction to the key constructs most often encountered in day to day use. statement of teaching interest
# Posted By statement of teaching interest | 7/16/13 4:47 PM
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