Adobe ColdFusion Anthology

Just a quick post to let people know that the Adobe ColdFusion Anthology was released today by Apress. The book has tons of excellent content from the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update, including my article "Web Services and Complex Types."

OpenID And ColdFusion

Recently I wanted to investigate building an OpenID identity provider in ColdFusion. While there are a few OpenID consumer libraries out there, I didn't really find any ColdFusion implementations for an OpenID server. Plus, given that OpenID is an authentication protocol there are heightened security considerations, so I wanted something that was well tested and widely used. This lead me to the OpenID4Java project. Looking at the documentation and source for the project there appeared to be pretty straight forward implementations for both an OpenID provider and consumer via the ServerManager and ConsumerManager classes so I began to port the sample JSP applications over to ColdFusion. That is were my problems began.


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