Introducing A New Validation Framework, OK!

Today I released a new ColdFusion 9 ORM entity validation framework named OK!. This framework grew out of my attempt to use Hyrule in a large FW/1 Mura plugin. I really liked Hyrule, but I ran into a few issues with the framework and OK! is an attempt to address those issues.

OK! works very much like Hyrule, except it:

  • supports nested validation,
  • supports component level validation,
  • has better custom rule integration,
  • and supports all IsValid() validation rules including regular expressions.

Documentation is still a work in progress but there are plenty of examples of how to use the framework in the /tests directory. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

New Version of ColdFusion WebSocket Gateway

Today I finally got around to updating my cf-websocket-gateway project. This version is based on the Webbit WebSocket server, which is itself based on the Netty project. I made this change because the Java-Websocket server I was using was not being updated and Webbit is a very nice WebSocket server that supports the latest versions of the WebSocket specifications and thus works with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, etc.

Of course, shortly after migrating to Webbit, Java-Websocket was updated to support the latest WebSocket specifications so if you would like to continue to use that server as the underlying engine for your gateway check out the java-websocket branch on Github.

I should note that the API has changed with this release. If you have existing listener CFCs that use the onClientOpen and onClientClose listener methods those should be renamed to simply onOpen and onClose. Once that change is made your existing listeners should work with version of the gateway. As always, please report any issues on the Github project page.

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