ColdFire 1.9 Released

Over the weekend I released ColdFire This version works with Firefox 9 and Firebug 1.9. You can download the latest from the new GitHub project site. If you have the current version installed, there is no need to update your server side debugging code as that has not changed with this release.

Changes in the ColdFire Project

There have been some changes to the project with this release, the biggest is the move to GitHub. Moving forward the code will be hosted on GitHub and I will use the GitHub issue tracker to track bugs. The packaged releases can also be downloaded from the GitHub downloads page and I'm hoping to put some documentation up on in a wiki or project page soon.

I'll continue to maintain the RIAForge site, but I've disable the blog, forums, issue tracker.

I'm hoping this move to GitHub will encourage people to contribute to ColdFire.

Why did this release take so long

I know a lot of people have been asking for an updated ColdFire for some time. Some people have even thought the project was dead. Well about that...

As any user of Firefox knows, in the Spring of 2011 Firefox moved to a new rapid release cycle. In order to better keep pace with the Firefox, the Firebug team set about improving the internal architecture of Firebug. Unfortunately this meant that the changes introduced in Firebug 1.8 broke ColdFire. In another interesting Firebug development, right around the same time as the Firebug 1.8 release John J Barton, the lead developer of Firebug for the past several years, left the Firebug Working Group. All of this meant that Firebug 1.8 was a bit of a transitional release. I made a few attempts to get ColdFire working on Firebug 1.8 but ultimately determined a substantial re-write of ColdFire was in order. Rather than building on the Firebug 1.8 release, I decided to wait for Firebug 1.9, which would be the second release on the new internal architecture. Firebug 1.9 was released earlier this month and since then I've been working on the ColdFire update as I've had time.

What's next?

For a long time I've been against posting ColdFire to the Mozilla Addons site, or AMO, because ColdFire is more than just the Firefox extension; it also requires the ColdFusion debugging templates. However with Firefox's new rapid release cycle I can no longer manually update the extension every time a new Firefox is released so look for the next release of ColdFire to be on AMO.

That's all for now. As always, please report any issues with ColdFire to the new GitHub issue tracker.

Richard Lichlyter-Klein's Gravatar Just want to say thanks for updating! It's a core tool for me.
# Posted By Richard Lichlyter-Klein | 1/23/12 2:06 PM
Michael Brennan-White's Gravatar I don't understand the instructions for setting up CF9 to use the variables tab. In order to use it do I just need to add the cf8 folder to my application root folder, extend my application.cfc with extends="cf8.application" and then I should be good to go. If so it isn't working for me.
# Posted By Michael Brennan-White | 1/23/12 4:04 PM
Michael Dinowitz's Gravatar Are you using firelogger for the logging information?
# Posted By Michael Dinowitz | 1/23/12 4:04 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Michael Dinowitz - No, ColdFire predates firelogger by well over a year.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 1/23/12 6:01 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Michael Brennan-White - You only need to extend the Application.cfc if your application uses Application.onRequest() and you want to use the variables feature of ColdFire. Is that your situation?
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 1/23/12 6:05 PM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Michael Brennan-White - You may also want to take a look at the tests for the ColdFire Application components here:
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 1/23/12 6:16 PM
Michael Brennan-White's Gravatar I am using the onRequestStart method in my Application.cfc but not onRequest, do wish to explore the functionality available in the Variables tab in Firebug and so far have only extended the coldfire application.cfc in the cf8 directory.
# Posted By Michael Brennan-White | 1/24/12 8:38 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar @Michael Brennan-White - Try using the variables tab without doing anything to your Application.cfc. In other words, don't extend the Application.cfc provided with ColdFire. If you are not using onRequest you should be able to use the variables tab without doing anything. Note: you need to explicitly add a variable to dump to the panel. So if you want to see the request scope you would have to add "request" in the variables tab.
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 1/24/12 7:39 PM
jeff's Gravatar Glad to see this project come back to life. I've been messing around with creating an extension for Chrome to use the same server debug templates and have made some progress, but run into some bumps in the road. I'd love to see those problems get addressed (has to do with invalid JSON coming from the server) and hope to contribute as I am able. Thanks for your efforts Nathan.
# Posted By jeff | 2/3/12 12:36 PM
James's Gravatar I'm confused about your installation instructions:

To install the ColdFire extension, extract the .zip installation
package to a folder on your computer. Next go to the File/Open dialog
in Firefox and select the coldfire_v1.9.XX.XX.xpi, located in the
Firefox folder of the extracted installation package, and open it.

When I downloaded the zip there was no coldfire_v1.9.XX.XX.xpi in the src\firefox folder. Am I missing something?
# Posted By James | 4/27/12 11:41 AM
Richard's Gravatar Yes, same here the firefox extensions seem to be missing from the install files
# Posted By Richard | 6/1/12 5:55 AM
Jason's Gravatar Ditto. How does one install this version on Firefox without an .xpi file?
# Posted By Jason | 7/6/12 10:40 AM
Nathan Mische's Gravatar It sounds like people are downloading the source code from GitHub. You must download one of the Download Packages from the downloads page: If you click on the big "Download as zip" button you get the source code which doesn't have the packaged .xpi. (You could easily build the .xpi using the source code.)
# Posted By Nathan Mische | 7/9/12 4:06 PM
Lance's Gravatar Just found this extension today. Loaded it up and worked like a dream on all of my older sites. So much of the newer stuff is jQuery with ajax calls that it isn't a near as useful. Is there anyway to get it to work with an ajax call to a CFC?
# Posted By Lance | 11/30/12 6:11 PM
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