Working With Event Gateways: cf.Objective 2012 Code and Slides

If you've been doing CF for a while chances are you've seen a presentation or two on event gateways. Generally they rehash what is covered in the documentation and walk through a few examples of configuring and using the event gateways that ship with ColdFusion. Maybe the presenter demos the directory watcher gateway or a fancy chat application using the Flash messaging gateways. Cool stuff, but I've never really seen anyone present on building custom event gateways. So for my Working With Event Gateways presentation at this year's cf.Objective I decided to share the process I went through to build a new event gateway that allows you to subscribe to a Redis pub/sub channel.

Anyway, I don't know how successful my approach was, but I've included my slides as an attachment to this post and the code for the event gateway is now on GitHub for those who are interested. The slides are very minimal so if you have questions please feel free to ask.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

HTTP for CF Developers: cf.Objective 2012 Code

The code I used for my cf.Objective() presentation HTTP for CF Developers is now up on GitHub.

Thanks to everyone who attended my session. I hope you enjoyed it and learned as much as I did putting it together. Also, if you attended my session and haven't fill out your evaluation you can still do so here.

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