ColdFire 1.11 Released

Some notes about this release:

  • The debugging template has been updated to include ORM queries for ColdFusion 10.
  • The debugging template and extension have been updated to better serialize and deserialize JSON messages. This will hopefully allow the extension to finally be listed on the Mozilla addons site.
  • Downloads have moved back to RiaForge due to Github deprecating downloads.

Any issues should be reported on the Github project page.

Eric Cobb's Gravatar THANK YOU!!! I have been missing my ColdFire. :)
# Posted By Eric Cobb | 1/21/13 10:58 AM
Francesco's Gravatar Do this work with railo?
# Posted By Francesco | 8/7/14 12:18 AM
ery's Gravatar here for coldfire
# Posted By ery | 10/23/14 3:33 PM
ery's Gravatar firstable, thank you this is helping me to debugging my OOP application.
I just install coldfire in firefox 33.0 and coldfusion 10.
Fire bug version 2.0.4
Other header is displaying information. But DB Queries, Traces, Timer, Variables, and list of file empty. Is there anything i can follow to fix this? thank you before.
# Posted By ery | 10/23/14 3:51 PM
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