Another note on the FarCry 3.0.2 RC

Another quick note on installing the FarCry 3.0.2 RC package. Many of the rule component tags in farcry_core\packages\rules have hint attributes which span multiple lines. For example ruleNews.cfc looks like this:

<cfcomponent displayname="News Rule" extends="rules"
   hint="News rule publishes news content items in date order, with
      most recently published first. News content is only visible
      if it is a) approved content; b) time is past the publish date;
      c) time is before the expriy date, and; d) it matches the nominated

While ColdFusion doesn't have a problem with this, it does cause problems with the JavaScript generated in \farcry_core\admin\includes\editcontiner_js.cfm. One fix is to just remove the line breaks from the hint attribute in the rules. This is what I did because at the time I discovered this error I didn't feel like tracking down where the JavaScript was being generated. Another, and probably the better, approach is to strip the line breaks out when building the JavaScript.

<!--- editcontainer_js.cfm line 130 --->

oRules['#qRules.rulename#'].hint = '#REReplace(application.rules[qRules.rulename].hint,"\r\n"," ","ALL")#';

Note that I haven't test the above code but I think it should work.


So after I posted this I went over to the FarCry bug database to log this issue. Apparently this is something I should have done first because it has already been reported and fixed:

Configure Rules does not allow available rule types to be moved to active rule types

The fix uses a the JSStringFormat function, a function I really haven't used all that often. (OK, maybe never.) I'll have to look into exactly what this function does as it sounds like it could come in pretty handy, especailly given all the AJAX stuff I've been doing lately.

FarCry Blog Objects

For the past month or so I've been running a small intranet site on FarCry. I've been using this site for project notes, basically just posting my ideas and discoveries as standard FarCry news items for my co-workers to review. I plan to expand the site to contain documentation and other content related to the project I'm working on, but for now it's fairly basic.

So the news items are working well to add transparency to my development process, but I really want to get some feedback from my co-workers on some of my ideas. To do this I wanted to allow comments to be added to news items. Sound like a blog? Well it did to me, so I decided to create some basic blog content objects for FarCry.

Note that I built these objects using the 3.0.2 RC of FarCry with the mollio skin. I haven't done much testing so use at your own risk! That said, to install the blog:

  1. Download the and unzip it to your project directory.
  2. Reload your FarCry application by browsing to your FarCry site and adding updateapp=1 to the url parameters
  3. Login to the FarCry administrator and deploy the four new objects: nmBlogEntry, nmBlogComment, ruleBlogEntries, and ruleBlogComments.
  4. Add a page to your FarCry site for the blog.
  5. Add your first blog entry under Content -> Blog.
  6. Add the nmBlogEntries rule to the bottom container on the blog page.
  7. View the blog entry and add the nmBlogComments rule to the blogBottom container.

There is still a lot of work I want to do with these objects. For example there is no way to manage comments. In fact there is absolutely no way to know comments have been added without looking at the blog entry. I'd also like to add a calendar view and a category listing. It all depends on how much time I have and how much interest people show in these objects.

If you do decide to give these components a try please let me know how it goes.

Installing FarCry 3.0.2 Release Candidate

I had a few problems getting the FarCry 3.0.2 Release Candidate installed today so I thought I'd share what I did to get it up and running. I was trying to install from the, available from the FarCry downloads page. I was following the installation guide, but I kept getting errors while running the installer. I decided to ignore the errors and see if I could view the site or login to the FarCry administrator. I couldn't. After a little digging I was able to determine that the installation files included in the zip expect to use the older pliant webskin, while the download includes the more recent mollio webskin. To get the installation to run I had to make changes to a couple of templates.


  • Line 105: change farcry_pliant to farcry_mollio


  • Line 15: change displayPageLanding to displayPageTypeA
  • Line 39: change displayPageLanding to displayPageTypeA

After making these changes I was able to run the installer and updates to get a working FarCry site. Note that I still got errors running the installer and updates, but everything seems to be installed correctly.

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