DST Confusion

Last week I posted about some Java alternatives to CFDIRECTORY and ConvertDate. I posted a snippet of code which attempted to show how to get the DateLastModified information for files using Java API calls. One of my readers pointed out that the code I posted may not return the correct time given that I was applying the current DST offset to the lastModified value and not the DST offset in effect when the file was written.

I quickly updated my post to attempt to use the DST offset in effect when the file was modified. However after testing I found that this snippet was not returning the correct lastModified time.


Java Alternatives to CFDIRECTORY and ConvertDate

On Tuesday I was having a discussion with a coworker and somehow it came up that he was having issues using cfdirectory on a rather large directory of log files. I pointed him to Mark Kruger's Java Based Directory List blog post which I had just read last week. He took a look and sent back the following snippet:


Java Libraries for PowerPoint Automation in ColdFusion

A client of mine recently asked me to take a look at a Java library they are planning to use for PowerPoint automation. I've done PowerPoint automation projects in CF in the past using COM, even thought Microsoft doesn't recommend it, but I had never heard of using Java for Office automation.

The library the my client is currently evaluating is called Aspose.Slides from Aspose Pty Ltd. Aspose seems to make an entire suite of products for Office automation for both Java and .Net which, depending on how well the Slides product works, may be a good thing to know.

However, it turns out that Aspose.Slides isn't the only commercial Java library for PowerPoint automation. A google search lead me to another company, Tonic Systems, which makes several products under the TonicPoint line for performing various PowerPoint related tasks via Java. They bill themselves as Java PowerPoint Specialists so this may be another library to keep in mind if you find you have to do PowerPoint work via ColdFusion.

I'll try to post more on both of these libraries if and when I get a chance to work with them.

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