ColdFire Update

ColdFire has been updated to work with Firefox 4/Firebug 1.7. This is an Add-on update only, so no need to update the server bits with this release. As always report any issues on the RIAForge bug tracker.

AMF Explorer 0.7

AMF Explorer has been updated to work with Firefox 4 and Firebug 1.7. In the process I also added a the ability to copy the AMF data to the clipboard in JSON format.

The new version is awaiting review on the AMO site, but if you want to get it now you can install it from here:

ColdFire 1.6 Update

Just a quick post to let folks know I've released an update for ColdFire 1.6 that fixes an issue changing ColdFire views when Firebug is detached from the main browser window. I advise all ColdFire users to update, even you are not seeing this issue, as the initial ColdFire 1.6 release was using an obsolete Firebug API and silently throwing errors. This is a Firebug extension update only so there is no need to update any of the ColdFire templates on the server.

Thanks to ColdFire user Rob Barthle for reporting this issue and taking the time to put together a screencast so I could easily see the problem.

CF No Debug 1.3

The CF No Debug Firefox extension has been updated to work with Firefox 3.6. You can get the latest from RIAForge.

AMF Explorer 0.6

This evening I released AMF Explorer 0.6. This version adds a custom binary cache that should fix issues some users were seeing with AMF response deserialization. I'm still waiting for AMO public approval, so if you are using AMF Explorer you will need to manually update the add-on from the AMO site. Please be sure to report any issues to the AMF Explorer bug tracker at RIAForge. Thanks.

AMF Explorer 0.5

I've released a few updates to AMF Explorer over the last week or so. Improvements include support for small messages, better formatting, and better error messages. You can get the latest from the AMO site.

Unfortunately automatic updates are not enabled because AMF Explorer has yet to go public. If you are using AMF Explorer please consider taking the time to register and review the add-on on the AMO site as this will help with the AMO review process. Once the add-on is public it will be easier to find and install as it will not be marked as experimental and automatic updates will be enabled. Thanks!

Announcing AMF Explorer

Back in late 2008 the nsITraceableChannel interface was added to the Mozilla browser allowing extension developers to intercept incoming HTTP responses. At that time I pondered the possibility of adding AMF support to Firebug, however life got in the way and I never really had time to fully explore what it would take to do this. That is until now. Today I'm happy to announce that I'm finally releasing AMF Explorer.


New ColdFire 1.5 Beta

I've posted a new ColdFire beta to RIAForge which works with recently released Firefox 3.6 and Firebug 1.5. I'm labeling this a beta because I discovered a ColdFusion 9 compatibility issue in my testing for this release. It appears ColdFusion's built in AJAX libraries have been updated slightly so the "Enable CFAJAX Debugging" feature does not currently work with CF 9. I'll work on updating this feature in the next couple of weeks. (Unfortunately the AJAX libraries shipped with CF are minimized and obfuscated so working with them is not as easy as it could be.) Because of the beta status of this release I've included both the ColdFire 1.4 and ColdFire 1.5 releases in the current RIAForge download. As always, if you have any issues please report them on the RIAForge project site.

CFBuilder DocShare Support

A few weeks ago Terry Ryan released his Instant Code Review ColdFusion Builder Extension. I realize that the point of the extension was to get people to think of creative uses of CF Builder extensions, but I couldn't help but think that there are much better ways of collaborating using the Eclipse platform, specifically the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) DocShare plug-in.

Unfortunately ColdFusion Builder's CFML Editor doesn't support the plug-in out of the box. Fortunately the DocShare plug-in developers did the Eclipse thing and made it easy to extend the plug-in to support other editors. So I put together an Eclipse plug-in that adds DocShare support to the CFBuilder CFML editor. You can check out the CFBuilder DocShare Support plug-in at RIAForge.

A few notes about the plug-in. First, you will need to install ECF, including the DocShare plugin. For update URLs for your version of Eclipse see the ECF site. Second, my plug-in just enables the "Share This Editor With..." context menu item in the CF Builder CFML editor, the actual editor sharing is implemented via the ECF DocShare plug-in. For more info on the DocShare plug-in and its use see the DocShare Plugin site. Finally, I've had I've had hit and miss luck with the DocShare plugin, so be sure you have a backup of the file you plan to work on in shared editor.


IP Ranger

Today I released a new ColdFusion administrator extension, IP Ranger, which allows IP ranges to be added to the debugging IP address list. IPv4 IP address ranges may be added using wildcards (192.*.*.*), octect ranges (192.168.1-10.1-120), or a combination of both (192.168.*.1-120). IP Ranger also allows you to verify, delete, and refresh IP address ranges.


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