ColdFire Status Update: FF3 and FB1.2

I've had a few reports that ColdFire 1.1 does not work with Firebug 1.2, the recommended Firebug version for Firefox 3. I just wanted to let people know that I'm aware of the issue and actually have a working version of ColdFire 1.2 ready to go, but...


The ColdFire Response Queue

Earlier in the week I blogged about the latest release of ColdFire and briefly mentioned the new request queue feature. I wanted to follow up with some details about this new feature, however in thinking about this blog post I realized that a more correct name would be the response queue, as the queue lists responses from the server which have ColdFire data. So, nevermind what it is called, what can it do?


ColdFire Released

I just put the next release of ColdFire up on the RIAForge site.


ColdFire 1.1, Now With Firefox 3 Support

I just uploaded the first ColdFire 1.1 release to RIAForge! This is my first release as the new project manager for ColdFire, so I'm pretty excited.


ColdFire 1.004

Ray has just released ColdFire 1.004. This version doesn't really offer much in the way of new CF debugging features, but it does lay the groundwork for a new version which will work with Firefox 3. So what's changed?


ColdFire SVN

As you may have heard Ray Camden and Rob Gonda recently made some updates to RIAForge which allow project owners to share SVN access. After this update Ray was kind enough to give me access to the ColdFire repository and since then I've done some reorganizing. So, what will you find in the ColdFire SVN repo?


ColdFire Security Update

A little over a week ago I became aware a 0-day security exploit in ColdFire. I finally have a working fix which Ray has just released over at RIAForge. I strongly recommend that all ColdFire users download and install the latest version (1.003) as soon as possible.

ColdFire 1.002

Today Ray and I released ColdFire 1.002 which fixes a few minor issues with JSON encoding. If you were having problems with the variables feature of ColdFire this update may fix your issue. Be sure to update both the Firefox extension and coldfire.cfm debugging template. You can get both via the download at RIAForge.

We have also been discussing upcoming features so if there is something you would really like to see be sure to let us know via the RIAForge site.

IE Watch

Tonight I was looking for a tool which would allow me to do real time editing of CSS in IE. (Think Firebug for IE.) I've blogged about the IE Developer Toolbar in the past, but to my knowledge it doesn't allow you to modify HTML or CSS like Firebug. Anyway, a quick Google search lead me to IE Watch. At $169 the tool isn't cheap, but if you are in an IE only shop then the tool is probably well worth the price.

For a list of other web developer tools for IE check out From Microsoft TechEd 2007: Web Development Tools for Internet Explorer on the IE Blog.

Troubleshooting ColdFire

A few people have reported that they are unable to see debugging in the ColdFire Firebug panel. I've been unable to reproduce these issues so I thought I put together a quick post on how ColdFire works in hopes that it may help people debug their issues.


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