Resume - Nathan Mische

I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities. If you think I may be a good fit for a project or a full time position that you know about in the Philadelphia area please contact me at nmische 'at' gmail 'dot' com. (I'm also open to telecommuting.)

Professional Experience

4/08 - Present Senior Programmer/Analyst, The Wharton School - Philadelphia, PA

12/06 - 4/08 Application Development Specialist, CDI Corporation - Philadelphia, PA

  • Lead developer responsible for completing the implementation of a custom, ColdFusion based recruitment tracking system which generates, tracks and bills approximately $800 million in revenue annually.
  • Helped improve system scalability by deploying multiple instances of ColdFusion Enterprise per physical server. Also tuned both the ColdFusion server settings and underlying JVM configuration to increase application performance.
  • Worked closely with business users during functional validation and business process validation development cycles to identify and fix application issues.
  • Developed functional and technical specifications for new application security framework.
  • Built automated code review tool to assist with a security audit.
  • Developed several utilities to help with system configuration and daily development tasks.

6/06 - 12/06 ColdFusion Developer, ADP VirtualEdge - Newtown, PA

  • Lead developer for VE Salute, a candidate on-boarding application. Re-architected existing application to provide greater flexibility to application end users and improve the user interface, particularly in the content administration portion of to application. This goal was achieved in part by using YAHOO User Interface Library components. An equally important goal was to provide a more usable, extensible, API for application developers. To achieve this goal a robust domain model was developed based on ColdFuison components managed by the ColdSpring framework.
  • Created code generator templates to help build application components as well as CFCUnit based unit tests.
  • Developed several tools based on the ColdFusion Admin API to help operations team manage a cluster of over 20 ColdFusion servers.
  • Improved global error-handling for all applications. Enhancements included storing additional, potentially sensitive, error information in encrypted database fields and updating an existing support application to allow appropriate support and QA associates view that information.
  • Enhanced error reporting tools used by support and QA associates to diagnose application errors. Developed several new reports to show exception trends and most frequent exceptions.
  • Assisted support associates in debugging customer reported application errors.

7/04 - 6/06 Consultant, Impact Communications - New York, NY

  • Developed an application using ColdFusion and third party Java libraries which allows conference speakers to create, save and download their own presentations through an AJAX web interface.
  • Produced a CD-ROM presentation based on the v2 component architecture of Flash MX 2004 Professional for distribution to a division of the Pfizer field force.
  • Created a reporting application which provides a high level overview of Pfizers continuing medical education programs to managers and field force representatives. The application was developed using the Fusebox 4 framework for ColdFusion along with several Java open source libraries, including JFreeChart for chart generation and The Apache Software Foundations FOP for PDF creation.

2/05 - 7/05 Senior Developer, NextJump, Inc. - New York, NY

  • Built custom content management system based on ColdFusion components to replace a resource-intensive method of manually coding site updates. This system enabled business users to select appropriate content, preview the selected content in context, and publish the content to production servers in a much more timely and accurate manner.
  • Collaborated with marketing and development teams to help conceptualize and design a targeted marketing system for the companys flag ship e-commerce application. Worked closely with the overseas firm tasked with building the application to identify design flaws, fix bugs, and integrate the final product with existing systems.
  • Launched a corporate intranet based on the open source FarCry CMS, allowing the human resources department to post company news items and make timely updates to the corporate directory.
  • Introduced the development team to emerging coding guidelines and best practices with the goal of increasing overall quality of the product. Also introduced the Fusebox framework and the FarCry CMS as well as several tools including the Eclipse IDE and ANT. These efforts helped to decrease duplicate code, automate certain tasks, and increase overall team productivity.
  • Helped research and evaluate system architecture options. Worked with several vendors including Google, Nortel, and Macromedia to develop recommendations for their products deployment and use.
  • Identified and fixed several performance bottlenecks in the companys e-commerce application. Major fixes included the introduction of application level caching, database indexing, and SQL statement optimization.
  • Worked with design team to move portions of the site from complicated and difficult to maintain table based layouts to cleaner, more manageable standards based layouts.

10/01 - 2/05 Director of Web Development, The Foundation for Better Health Care - New York, NY

  • Launched a standards based medical news website which allowed content creators to publish timely articles while on location. The site was completed on time and under budget using the open source FarCry CMS and Oracle 9i. Asked to join the FarCry CMS project after several bug fixes and code updates were submitted to the project.
  • Managed upgrade from ColdFusion MX Professional to ColdFusion MX Enterprise in order to take advantage of an existing Oracle 9i installation.
  • Installed and configured CVSNT for management of mission critical source code.
  • Developed a real time presentation application based on Flash Communication Server 1.5.
  • Redesigned corporate Intranet using ColdFusion components, Oracle 9i, and Fusebox 3 (FuseQ MVC).
  • Wrote a Visual Basic XML (WDDX) socket server and Flash client for ColdFusion 5- Flash5 integration.

1/00 - 10/01 Head Programmer, The Foundation for Better Health Care - New York, NY

  • Managed and maintained several sites, based primarily on ColdFusion, IIS, and Microsoft Access.
  • Created e-commerce component to corporate site, implementing a custom shopping cart, administrative interface, and secure credit card processing.
  • Designed extranet applications for logistical management of national educational programs.
  • Developed application for the creation, storage and distribution of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations using ColdFusion and COM.

10/98 - 1/00 Associate Web Developer, The Foundation for Better Health Care - New York, NY

  • Built promotional product information web sites for major pharmaceutical companies.
  • Managed design and content for corporate website; Initiated site redesign to improve organization and usability.



  • ActionScript 1 & 2
  • CFML
  • CSS
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Visual Basic 6


  • ANT
  • Dreamweaver
  • ColdFusion Studio/Homesite+
  • CFMX 7
  • CVS, Perforce, SVN, VSS
  • Eclipse (CFEclipse)
  • Flash
  • Photoshop


  • Access
  • MySQL 4 and 5
  • Oracle 9i
  • SQL Server 2000

ColdFusion Frameworks:

  • Fusebox 1-5 (including FuseQ)
  • Mach-ii
  • Model Glue
  • ColdSpring
  • Reactor
  • cfcUnit

JavaScript Libraries:

  • prototype
  • scriptaculous
  • YUI


  • Certified Advanced ColdFusion 5 Developer
  • Certified Macromedia Flash MX Developer
  • CompTIA A+


  • Louisiana State University  Baton Rouge, LA
    Bachelor of Arts, 1998
    Major: Mass Communication
    Minor: Business Administration

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